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2019 Immunization Rates

Each year, all child care providers are required to report immunization records to the State of Oregon which then must be made available to all family members at our school. Here at Touchstone School, we work with our families to make sure our students are up-to-date and following the state guidelines for immunizations. Records are reported to the state, who then gives us graphs to post and make available to the community.

Please see the attached for the 2019 immunization graph for Touchstone School in Hillsboro, as well as the immunization graph for Washington County. These numbers come from our annual Immunization Reporting to the Sate of Oregon and are updated each year. We are proud to report that all of our students are up-to-date on their records or have an approved non-medical exemption through the state.

2019 Touchstone School Immunization Graph

2019 Washington County Immunization Graph

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