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Our kindergarten gives children the strong foundation they need for future success in elementary school and beyond. Our proven, well-rounded curriculum builds sound reading, writing, math and problem-solving skills. During kindergarten, the children also become comfortable in a more structured classroom setting.

Examples of curriculum covered:

Language Arts
Learn to manipulate consonants and short vowel sounds as they blend sounds and single syllables into words. • Identify simple story elements. • Use complete sentences when verbally expressing ideas.

Explore measurement concepts such as counting, sorting and comparing objects and numbers. • Begin to understand money values and time. • Recognize simple repeating patterns.

Social Studies
Understand the importance of history as the study of people and events in other times and places. • Use globes and maps to learn about location and region. • Identify U.S. symbols, icons and traditions.

Learn basic features of the Earth. • Learn the similarities between plants and animals. • Learn the fundamental concepts of structure and properties of matter.

Learn functions of a computer and its accessories—monitor, keyboard and mouse. • Begin to use basic word processing terms. • Understand and use word processing as a tool to enter letters, numbers and words.

Ask and respond to simple questions. • Learn about cultural customs and how they compare to our own. • Recognize Spanish letters and observe the differences between Spanish and English alphabets.

Visual Arts
Build three-dimensional objects. • Use art for storytelling. • Utilize basic art materials effectively and in cooperation with others.

Demonstrate an understanding of same and different sounds. • Listen to and sing various styles of music (folk, classical, contemporary, etc.). • Sing echo and pattern pieces alone and with others.

Physical Education & Wellness
Recognize that there are a variety of foods for good health including healthy snacks. • Understand the need for safety.
• Understand the importance of physical activity on a daily basis.