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16-20 Months
How your child will be developing and
learning during this stage.
Your child’s teacher will take a purposeful approach to
model, nurture and provide opportunities for growth in
these Links to Learning skill areas.
Language and Literacy
• Builds vocabulary
• Imitates new words
• Uses newly acquired vocabulary
• Uses sign language and other gestures to
• Refers to self by name
• Indicates knowledge of some friends’ names
verbally or by pointing
• Names some common animals
• Names some simple facial features
• Responds to simple one-step directions
• Responds to simple questions with ‘yes,’ ‘no,’ or
simple responses
• Turns familiar pictures right side up
• Shows sustained interest in pictures
• Pretends to read a book
• Shows a preference for a familiar book
• Listens to a 5-minute story with pictures
• Responds to specific words in stories by showing
what was named
• Turns pages in book
Numbers and Number Sense
• Begins to understand the number concept of one
• Repeats numbers 1-5
Geometry and Relationships
• Points to simple shapes
• Points to common colors
• Matches a picture of an object to an object
• Demonstrates an understanding of ‘big’ & ‘little’
Problem Solving and Reasoning
• Attempts to find out how a toy runs
• Attempts to place shaped blocks into correct
holes; changes holes if object does not fit
Creative Expression
Music and Musicians
• Dances in response to music
• Stands with feet apart; sways side to side to music
• Listens intently to music
• Tries to sing songs
• Plays simple musical instruments
Art and Artists
• Experiments with thick crayons and markers
• Scribbles on paper using whole-arm movement
• Experiments with finger paint
• Uses a paintbrush
• Engages in multi-sensory art activities
Dramatic Play
• Engages in dress-up activities
• Mimics transportation noises and behaviors
Self-Help Skills
• Drinks from an open cup
• Feeds self with spoon
• Recognizes self in mirror
• Shows preferences, likes and dislikes
• Retrieves personal items from cubby
Social Interaction
• Briefly shares with others when prompted
• Engages in give and take play, such as rolling a
ball back and forth
• Pays attention to other children
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