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9-12 Months
How your child will be developing and
learning during this stage.
Your child’s teacher will take a purposeful approach to
model, nurture and provide opportunities for growth in
these Links to Learning skill areas.
Language and Literacy
• Associates meaning to familiar words
• Says 3-6 words with meaning
• Responds to simple verbal requests
• Practices sounds in a variety of ways
• Uses a variety of baby sign language
signs to communicate wants and needs
• Looks at object named
• Shakes head for ‘no’ and uses other
simple gestures
• Imitates heard words
• Squeals to elicit attention
• Enjoys being read to
• Looks at pictures in books
• Shows preference for a certain book
• Attempts to turn pages in board books
• Interacts with textured or sound-
producing books
• Recognizes pictures of familiar people,
objects, and actions
• Uses physical behavior (such as pulling
up) to establish closeness
• Becomes upset if a toy or other object is
taken away
• Participates in games of imitation
• Holds own bottle
• Self-feeds
• Begins to explore table foods
• Independently uses a sippy cup
• Participates in hand washing
• Looks for hidden objects
• Begins to remember where things are kept
• Stacks rings or nesting blocks
• Shows basic understanding of schedule of
events, such as after nap expects bottle
Gross Motor Skills and Balance
• Crawls
• Pulls self up to stand
• Bears weight in standing position
• Stands unaided
• Walks with support
• Cruises, using furniture
• Helps with getting dressed, such as
pushing hands into sleeves
Fine Motor Skills
• Points
• Picks things up with a pincer grasp
(thumb and forefinger)
• Continues to hold one small object when
handed another
• Retrieves dropped objects
• Puts objects into a container
Creative Expression
• Enjoys rhymes and songs
• Claps hands
• Moves body in response to music
• Plays simple musical instruments
• Explores the texture of paint
• Holds and uses a large brush to explore paint
• Explores large crayons and markers
• Engages in multi-sensory art activities
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